registration System

Touch registration system 

Touch Registration System is available through different touchscreen sizes with flexible options for the required data to be collected for visitors registration to be the solution for all events registration problems.

The Touch Registration System gives the ability for the events’ organizers to help visitors register their data to obtain tickets in a very easy, fast and systematic way that gives the best first impression ever; the system also can show different ads while visitors register their data as a method of direct communication with them.

The Touch Registration System collects all the visitors’ data in one organized database with live count for the event visitors and filtering options. collected data can be used later for continuous communication with visitors though mailshots or direct phone calls.

When the visitor finish the registration steps they will receive printed name card with there name and bar code to access the exhibition halls through the digital gates

ICS Registration System


Reduce event staff numbers:
Using the Touch Registration System will let you able to reduce the number of staff needed to register the visitors.
Increase Revenues:
The enticing visual experience with advertising spaces will let you generate money from the advertisers.
Eliminate Printing Costs:
Remove the printing cost for the registration applications.
Useful Marketing Tool:
Given its strategic positioning in the event entrance, the Touch Registration System can be used to promote offers and promotions.
Continuous Communication:
Keep the communication channel with your visitors after the event through mailshots.
Reduce time & mistakes:
Save the time of writing all the visitors data on the computer and avoid typing mistakes, the Touch Registration System do this automatically.
Printing ID:
All people will wear the id which have sponsor logo on it + the lanyard with sponsor logo

Pre-Registration Systems

If the client pre-registered the visitors through websites, mobile apps.

We need to take any kind of the codes (QR Code, Barcode) in order to be able to print the ID for the user.

That makes it easier for the visitor to get his pass to the exhibition

qr code scanner


Instantly, every registrant data (name, phone No., company, etc. will be uploaded instantly on our back-end database.

Each client will have his own user name and password for to access his data base through any kind of internet browser.

All data will be updated second after second.

The back-end will show statistics and graphs for all the data that the client needs like (all registrants data, how many registrants visited the exhibition, total visitors for each day, dates, etc.…

Printing ID


We Create IDs as per each project design & specifications need:

Design: the client creates a unique design or we can help creating the design.

Material & Varieties: we supply plastic or cartoon ID holders, cloth any color liners.

Size: available sizes between 5*9 cm and 14*14 cm.

Printing: we can print directly on the ID or transfer on a thermal sticker.