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Macber Eg is an Egyptian company providing services and products to serve on-ground events and outdoor activities using “Smart Technologies”.

Our main mission is to develop events planning and execution in Egypt using innovation and latest smart technologies in order to make events more interesting.

Here’s what Macber Eg Company Provide…



Our engineers are of the highest caliber, by working closely with the clients and design team they are able to execute every design to spec. As such our customization is seconded to none as all our products are engineered in-house guaranteeing the quality and application.


Building hardware is not easy, finding the right hardware at the right cost is even more difficult. That’s why Macber Eg has built a large network of hardware suppliers across the world from US, China, UK and South Africa. Through such relations, Macber Eg secures the best price and quality of hardware used in its products.

Application Development

Technology advances so fast that the limitations are only placed by the users. Here at Macber we live to push the limits of technology that’s why we not only develop software but we add to existing software creating new and creative ways our clients can benefit.

Technical support

There is nothing worse than having a great product without its support! We understand that you might not have the technical know-how or the patience to deal with hardware or software problems. That’s why at Macber every single product that is produced comes with technical support.


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